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Carpets Direct is the premier laminate flooring provider in the Lincoln, NE area. We guarantee our installation because we are confident in our work.


Laminate flooring is a realistic and durable flooring option. It is also an economical alternative to wood flooring.

Carpets Direct carries most major brands of laminates, from inexpensive to high end. We are the premier company for laminate flooring in the Lincoln area.


Most laminate services are do it yourself friendly, however, we do offer certified professional installation.

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Our laminate services will leave you AMAZED!


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We carry laminate flooring brands like:

Laminate flooring is one of the most cost effective flooring materials that you can choose. Typically, about half the price of similar quality hardwood, and an even smaller fraction of the cost of natural stone tile, it's a fantastic choice for someone on a tight budget.

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